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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mother Nature can't stop the Scrub Pine Enduro!

On Sunday morning riders awoke to the sounds of thunder and lightening. A torrential downpour and even hail fell upon the racers and all seemed lost. However Mother Nature eased up around 8:30 am, just 30 minutes before the start. Trail boss, Dave Sheumeister, had the members of the Ocean County Competition Riders out at the crack of dawn putting up the last of the arrows and giving the course its final preparation. The Scrub Pine Enduro was on!

At 9:01am the first row of racers left the start. After the 65 mile course Andrew Delong would take the overall with an unofficial time of 15/525. Chase Compton and Dane Shoeneberg would round out the podium finishing second and third respectively. High point A would go to Dan Stoppi Jr., high point B to Justin Linkowich, and highpoint C to Charles Anderson.

Hats off to the OCCR guys for pulling off the near impossible. Upcoming ECEA events include the 73rd running of the Sandy Lane Enduro to be held on March 21st. The Curly Fern Enduro on March 28th and the Greenbrier Enduro on April 11th. The Ocean County Competition Riders will be holding their annual Hare Scramble on September 26th. For more information on the ECEA and their events visit the ECEA website at www.ecea.org.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stump Jumper Enduro

The weather for the Stump Jumper Enduro couldn't have been any better. The MCI guys did a great job putting together the event which was enjoyed by 99 rows of riders! After it was all said and done Mike and Rich Lafferty took the 1 and 2 spot with Andrew Delong close behind in 3rd.

I was out in the morning and caught everyone in a fast firecut. After lunch I caught everyone again just before the last emergency check. Riders were pretty well mixed up by the check out so look for yourself further back in the pack if you dropped a lot of time.

See you at the races!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Delaware HareScrambles #2 - Blue Diamond

Photos from yesterdays Hare Scramble are downloading now. They should all be online by this evening, then I will start to sort them by lap.

I took pics in three different spots. Off the front spectator table-top, in a corner and lastly coming down the rock hill. Wally jumped off that hill and landed 3/4 the way down (see the pic to the left)!

Hopefully I didn't miss anybody!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Delaware HareScrambles #1 Pics are Up!

Pics from the first Delaware HareScrambles are online now! Click Here

If you have trouble finding your youth and pee wee riders I may have missed a few. I think I spent more time pulling the PeeWees out of the mud than taking pictures.

As for the Criders and the Main Event I should have gotten everyone who rode the entire race at least a few times. Check each gallery in your class for your rider. The pics are sorted in the order you came through.

Hope I didn't miss anybody!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delaware HareScrambles #1

I'll see everyone at the Delaware HareScramble tomorrow morning. I spoke to Larry Curlett and it sounds like you should have a great day, the course sounds awesome.

Also, it looks like I may have a helper to man the photo tent during the races. It will give racers who finish an early event a chance to view their pics and buy a print if they'd like, rather than having to wait around until the last event is finished.

See you at the races!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Sahara Sand Day 2

Sahara Sand pics are all online. Pics from the youth race just finished downloading. I'll be separating them by lap to make it a little easier to find your racers.

Hope you look fast!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1 at Sahara Sand!

Pics from the first day at Sahara Sands are downloading now! With any luck they should be finished by morning. All photos will be in one gallery until I can separate them by class.

See you tomorrow!